We love this programme and have alot of fun with it. This life stage is the trickiest stage of them all and this is the age group we see land in rescues due to owners not feeling they can cope with it. Think of this as the teenage stage in the dog world, our adolescent package is geared for dogs from 8 months to 2 years 3 months. 

1-1 Cheeky Adolescent package

 This package is jam-packed and aimed at those that think their dogs need a little bit more attention on them, this could be because they are too nervous and would struggle in a classroom setting, it could be they would find the class setting far too arousing. Whatever the reason, we come to you and offer this package in the comfort of your own home. 

Our adolescent package does vary slightly if you have done our puppy course as it is a full follow on, but we can also take you on as long as your dog knows their basic commands, some of the areas that we look at and include are: 

Bridging behaviours and turning them into life like scenarios

Conquering boundary work outside the training zone

Working with life skills through distraction

Arousal and what it means 

Calming techniques and how to implement them into your dogs lifestyle

Canine body language

Impulse control 

Confidence building and the importance of it

Loose lead and recall around distractions 

BRAND NEW: Mastering an emergency stop

For this fun filled programme, you get 6 x 1 hour sessions (your first session can last up to 1-1/2 hours) in the comfort of your home and we are happy to take a couple of your sessions out into the big wide world. 

You will also get a full training guide that is tailored to your programme, a certificate of completion, and your pooch will get some yummy natural training treats that suit their character. 

As an extra gift for those that pay in full upon booking we are offering you: 

**A training toy that suits your dog

**A treat training pouch to get you started

**£10 off voucher for a custom ordered snuffle mat when ordered through us. 


From March, 2019 onwards this course will be offered at full price of £180 (a saving of £30)

***SUMMER SALE*** 6 x 1-hour sessions for £150 when booked & paid for in June, July and August 2019 only.