Here at Yani's Friends we specialise in all things puppy and offer a varied programme to get the very best from your puppy. Our training style incorperates positive reinforcement with game based concept training with a look into important calming work and holistic well-being techniques for your puppy. 

This programme takes everything from are increasingly popular puppy classes and offers it to you on a 1-1 basis. Ideal for those puppies needing a little bit of extra TLC. 

1-to-1 puppy programme 

Getting a puppy is an exciting time and there is so much to learn and discover with your four-legged friend, that it can be difficult knowing which bit of information to follow as there is such a vast amount now readily available. Here at Yani's Friends we have spent the last 3 years developing our puppy packages and classes. We know from experience that if you get the tools and guidance at this early stage in your dog's life, that the rest will fall into place. 

Our 1-1 package is geared at those wanting a little bit more guidance or feel that they are just not quite ready for a classroom setting. It could be that your puppy is a little nervous and really does need the extra TLC to blossom into a lovely, confident individual. Our puppy package is very similar to our classes, in the fact of the areas that we cover and how we work. We love game based training and this in itself will really help your puppy shine; the difference we are seeing with this approach to training is really something else. 

Out puppy package includes a session before your puppy even comes to their new home. This can be a stressful and traumatic experience for some puppies so we want to make it as smooth sailing as possible. This session will look at making your new puppy's environment feel safe and allow them to explore it at their pace. We will also discuss your first night with your puppy and where they should be sleeping. your first session can be between 1-2 hours long. If interested in this aspect of our programme on its own then it is £40 and would include a booklet of areas discussed. 

Other areas looked at in this package include: 

Diet and Nutrition information, a very important area and we aren't going to lie it is a little bit of a minefield

Areas of Health and how these can impact your dogs behaviour and well-being. 

Socialisation and what it is this really means

Those pesky puppy habits such as house-training and puppy biting and how to overcome them. 

Boundary training and the importance of calming work.

Confidence building and importance of different toys and mental stimulation

Training your commands and how to utilise them in the big wide world.

Handling and grooming and making it a fun experience. 

Focus and relationship work

Loose lead and proximity skills 

And the biggest life skill of all..Recall!!

This really is a jam-packed package. you get with us your first session (upto 2 hours), then 8 x 1-hour sessions in the comfort of your own home. 

You will also get a full training booklet, and certificate on completion and some natural training treats. 

we are also offering the following bonus if the package is paid for in full on booking: 

**A training toy suited to your puppy

**£10 off voucher for a custom-made snuffle mat, made by ourselves. 

**Training treats pouch. 


Price from March, 2019 onwards will be £240 (saving of £40) 

***Summer Sale*** 8 x 1-hour training sessions for £200 When booked & paid in full in June, July, August 2019 only.

Giving a dog control to make choices doesn't mean we let them make bad choices. It means that we structure our training in ways that take their needs into account.

Lisa Mullinax