1-1 Reactive dog package

As a behaviourist and trainer we are seeing a massive increase in dogs with reactivity issues and as we have 3 reactive dogs ourselves we know just how trying and hard it can be to deal with such concerns and issues. 

We aren't going to lie or paint you pretty pictures on this topic as it really is dependant on the individual dog as to how far they decide to take their management protocols. 

Reactivity issues in dogs is all about management, we have had the odd dog that have thrown all their reactivity issues out the window and been able to adjust fully to being around other dogs and people but this came after months if not years of training. Many dogs however, may only be happy on a management level and we like to make owners aware of this before we get started. 

This package is suited to dogs that have dog-dog reactivity or aggression issues or those that are dog-people reactive. 

As with all major behaviour concerns, before we even begin we highly recommend that you give your dog a thorough vet check and blood panel to rule out any potential health/pain concerns that may be fuelling the behaviour. If anything is found then it can be built into your behaviour protocols but this is a base that is very important to take into account with al behaviour issues but especially reactivity/aggression concerns. 

We have tried to figure out the best way to offer this programme as it will have to be tweaked to suit each individual dog to get the best outcome for all individuals concerned but we have decided to use the following as what will be included in the reactivity package and then almost a pick and mix aspect as to create something completely unique. 

All dogs that come through this package will have this as a starting point: 

A 2-hour behaviour consult: this allows us to get a full history and build up a beginning protocol. If the concerns are outdoors then a short 20-minute walk will be included. 

Diet Review: Believe it or not this is very important and can have a massive impact on your dogs behaviour

Emergency protocols put into place

Confidence building and relationship boosters.

Calming protocol

Arousal and how to deal with it: this is a big area. 

Canine communication and how to read your dog. 

Comfort zones and staying under threshold

Muzzle training and handling protocol

After this point depending on the extent of the reactivity issues then the following areas will be looked at and built into your programme as required: 

Boundary work 

Impulse control 

Lead work 

Dealing with distraction

Command work and using it in real life

Building up for success (as to what is implemented will depend on the issue) 

Focus work and how to succeed with it 

OPTIONAL: will be reviewed on a case-case basis. Recall 

This is a massive area to cover and so please be aware that the length of this package will not mean you have a 'fixed' dog so to speak, but it will give you all the tools and guidance to understand and work with your pooch to succeed. 

This package includes your 2-hour consultation on top of 12 x 1-hour sessions, it will include a full training plan, certificate on completion, some yummy training treats and our bonus goodies (worth £75): 

**Training toy to suit your dog

** Training treat pouch to get you started on your training journey

**Training lead 

**£10 off Voucher for any custom made snuffle mat when ordered through ourselves


From March, 2019 the price will be £400 (Saving of £100)

***SUMMER SALE*** 12 x 1-hour sessions + a Consult for £350 when paid in full and booked in June, July, August, 2019 only.