the team behind the scenes

I am Lois, the main human behind Yani's Friends. 

I have always had a love for all things animals and this has been emphasised of the years through working with the street animals of Oman, the exotic pets of Dubai and every other species I have had contact with in between. 

I am 27 years old and have grown up around animals. We have always had a house full of dogs, cats and a horse on the side here and there too. After growing up in Oman, the love for helping animals in need grew stronger and i assisted a small group of volunteers with TNR projects for street cats and became the main fosterer for the many kittens that needed that extra and in life. Our projects in the Middle East also went as far as dealing with your large species exotics which brought home to me just how much harm us humans can do. 

It was a big learning curve but one that kept me in the rescue world for a few more years with allowing me to work alongside some of the best vets around the world to gain even more hands on experience. 

But I came away from the veterinary side after a year of travelling in Australia, where I did all things horses and travelled with a show team of Arabian horses; deciding to study Animal behaviour and welfare, gaining my degree from the University of Hull in 2013. 

But how did I get into running my own business?

In 2012, I got my first rescue girl and ultimately the dog that made me question everything that I knew. Yes the dog behind the name, Yani came into my life and everything changed. 

You see Yani is a Rottie x Mastiff, and had a horrific start in life but she seemed although a little skittish a happy little puppy who wanted to explore the world. We got Yani from the RSPCA at 14 weeks old. She was daft, had no idea how big she was and wanted to be everyones friend, a little different from the gun dogs that have always been in the family. 

Everything remained normal, we trained Yani using positive reinforcement methods which she thrived on but did question from time to time like any young dog and we reared her the way everyone said was best but everything changed when Yani was attacked by another dog at the age of 2. 

Yani was diagnosed with Hip dysplasia, after further investigation we found an array of other health problems and it was shortly after this revelation that I questioned everything that I had learnt over the years. 

Nothing about Yani is simple, and she reacted to every food and medication going forward, cue thinking outside the box and entering into the holistic world of dog care. 

Alternative therapies became the norm in our house from laser therapy, to hydrotherapy. Herbal supplements, and raw feeding to homeopathy; my world really did change and it has made me the trainer and pet parent I am today. 

Yani is not the only one of our own gang, she is accompanied by Tilly her partner in crime, a little Yorkshire terrier x poodle. We also have Aliki the long-haired miniature dachshund, Maisey-Moo the Malti-poo, Poppy the terrier that forgot to grow, Button, a jack-a-poo and the only boy in the house and finally the baby of the group Zigi, the shih-poo. 

As you can see we really are a little bit mad here.